Worked in Belgium? Find out how you can refund your overpaid taxes and apply for your child benefit!

Foreigners that work and pay taxes in Belgium are entitled to a certain allowance, as well as they can be entitled to apply for a tax refund.

Taxes in Belgium depend on the income you declare. They go from 25% up to 50% of the total income. In case you are an employee, your employer will deduct your social contributions, while self-employed has the responsibility to pay their taxes. A lower percentage will be applied to self-employed (22% up to 54.398 euros and 14% if you declare more). Freelancers and self-employed must have a social insurance fund (caisse de sécurité sociale / sociale verzekeringskas) and a mutual insurance organization (mutualité / ziekenfondshad). These contributions provide access to, among others, health insurance, pension and child benefit. 

What is a FICHE 281.10? 

A Fiche 281.10, also called Fiche de Remuneration form, is sent by the employer at the end of every fiscal year or at the end of your working contract. Your Fiche 281.10 includes the total amount you earned and the amount of taxes paid to the tax authorities. In other words, it contains a summary of your salary, your paid holidays, etc.

What is it for? 

You will need your Fiche de Remuneration in order to have back your tax refund. In addition, this document is necessary if you are eligible to apply for the Kinderbijslag, the child benefit allowance in Belgium. Belgium allows you to apply up to 3 years back for your tax refund as for your child benefit allowance. Deadline to apply for tax refund is the end of every March, while you can always apply for the child benefit allowance. For example, by the end of March 2018 you can apply for your tax refund from last year (2017) up to 3 years back (2016 and 2015). Once again, be aware that without your Fiche 281.10, you cannot claim your money back! 

Apply with us 

If you don’t have your Fiche de Remuneration, Dendax will obtain it for you and will apply for your tax refund and your child benefits. Try to calculate how much money you can get for your tax refund or for your child benefit. It’s FREE! Then, easy and fast, you’ll be refunded through our online service!