What is a Lohnsteuerbescheinigung? When will you receive it?

For those who work in Germany, every fiscal year ends up with your LBS. Moreover, every employer is legally obliged to issue it to every employee.

What is it? 

The Lohnsteuerbescheinigung (LBS) is the Employment Tax Statement in Germany. It contains your earning and deducted taxes: the total amount of your income, the amount of the withheld income tax as well as your social insurance. You will receive your LBS from your employer by end of February of the following year. So, by the end of February 2018, you will have your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung 2017. In case you worked for multiple employers you should get it from each of them. 

What is it for? 

Every worker in Germany needs this document in order to file the tax return and to apply for a tax refund. In addition, this document is essential if you want to apply for a pension refund or a family allowance (Kindergeld). 

Tax return has to be filed by end of May of the following year. Many foreigners working abroad are entitled to get tax refund especially if they are married, commuting, having mortgage etc.
Pension refund from Germany can be claimed if you are a non-EU citizen. You can apply 2 years after leaving Europe and if you worked there for less than 5 years. 

Child benefit, on the other side, is quite easier to claim. In fact, EU citizens and lots of other countries citizens, who have been working (or worked) in Germany for more than 183 days, are entitled to apply for a child benefit allowance. 

Germany recently changed the period for which you can apply. Now you can only apply for 6 months back instead of 4 years back. There are no limits to the number of children you can apply for and the allowance starts from 192 euro per month. Germany tax system could be complicated at first glance. If you want to have more information about documents, deadline, and entitlements, we are ready to help you. Dendax can file your tax return (for employed and self-employed) and apply for your tax refund, child benefit, and pension refund. And if you don’t have your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, we will obtain it from your employers. 

It’s easy and fast thanks to our online registration process. You can calculate your tax amount for free: we guarantee you the biggest refund with the lowest fee.