Tax refund, Kinderbijslag and Zorgtoeslag in the Netherlands: What are they? How can foreigners apply for these benefits?

Zde najdete jednoduché pokyny týkající se příspěvků a práv v Nizozemsku pro ty, kteří tam pracují po omezenou dobu nebo právě dorazili.

Tax refund 

The higher you earn in the Netherlands, the higher tax rate you pay. Here you can find more information about the tax system. Withheld taxes in your payslip includes both the income tax (Loonheffing) and the National Social Insurance (Zorgveringswet), that means pension insurance, unemployment benefits, and other state benefits.

The deadline for your tax return is the end of June. The suggestion is to file your tax return before so you will have your tax refund quicker. Those who work in the Netherlands have the right to get back their overpaid taxes up to 5 years back. This means that if you file your tax return by end of April 2018, you can get your overpaid taxes back from 2013! 

To apply for your tax refund, you must have your Jaaropgaaf, a summary of all your earnings which you receive after the end of the fiscal year.

Child benefit 

Child benefit in the Netherland can be claimed for your children up to their 18th birthday.You or your partner may also get child benefit from another country or an international organization if you work in the Netherlands and your partner lives and works in another country. In this case, if you get non-Dutch child benefit and the amount is lower than the Dutch amount, the SVB, the Dutch office in charge, will cover the difference

The Netherlands childcare system includes three different allowances:

  • Base child benefit - Kinderbijslag 

It is a base benefit for your children and every family collects it quarterly. It depends only on the number of children and their age. In 2018 the amount per child paid every three months is:

Age of the child

0-5 years

6-11 years

12-17 years


201.05 €

244.13 €

287.21 €

  • Child benefit - Kindgebonden budget

    It aims to cover extra costs for families with low income. The maximum yearly income to apply is € 143,415 for 2018.
    The number of children in your family and how you file your tax return influence the amount of your child budget. Single parents, for example, obtain a higher amount.

  • Childcare benefit - Kinderopvangtoeslag

    If you pay for a childcare centre (kindercentrum) or for a nanny (gastouder), the Dutch government allows you to ask for a remboursement up to 7,45 euros for every hour you paid one of those services, with a ceiling of 230 hours per month per child.


In the Netherlands Social Security Insurance Schemes are obligatory by the law and they consist of:

  • General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW)
  • Surviving Dependants Act (Anw)
  • Long-Term Care Act (Wet langdurige zorg, Wlz)
  • General Child Benefit Act (AKW) - the only not obligatory one

Families or individuals that cannot afford their social insurance expenditure are supported by the government with a special allowance, the Zorgtoeslag. Whether you receive this allowance and its amount depends on your income.

How to get your money back

To claim your social benefit make sure you have your Burgerservicenummer (BSN) or your DigiD ready. Dutch forms to apply for your benefit are ONLY in Dutch. If you don’t know how to file your request, Dendax can do it for you. We provide tax services all around the world in an easy and fast way thanks to our online registration. 

Here you can calculate for FREE how much money you can have for your tax refund and your child benefit.