Profession? Smeller. Here 3 bizarre jobs found on a tax return

Tired to be woken up by that morning alarm buzzing in your ears? Want to change this stinking job you have? Maybe you will change your opinion, maybe you’ll pack your suitcase once you read about these strange jobs around the world!

1. Professional Smeller

Bad Smelling

This job implies sniffing armpits of people of all sizes, who stand in a line with their arms in the air. These people work as testers for deodorant manufacturing companies and even the Nasa has one! Now the body-spray in your cabinet has another smell, uh?

2. Snuggler on-wheels

Wiener Dog Coddling

People love to be cuddled, and what is better than a warm hug after work? Professionals have started this business by giving the clients an additive relaxing service in return for good money. And remember: nothing sexual is allowed to happen!

3. Airport Scarecrow

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

Airports have been testing different options in order to chase birds away around their areas and only one seems to work: a real human! To sit in a cold field, waiting for partridges to drive out and with a modest salary, would entail an incredible employment agreement. But lots are shifting from a busy job to a more laid-back work. Definitely, a different way to face your life.

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