P-60, P-45 and tax reliefs: be prepared to file your tax return and apply for your tax refund in the UK!

The tax year in the UK is finished on 5th April 2018. Starting from this date, you will receive your P60, a document that resumes your British income. It also lists the amount of tax your employer deducted from your salary for the whole tax year.

Every employer must send the P-60 by 31st May by post or electronically. So, be sure you specified the right address or contact details on your working contract.In case your working contract is over before the end of the fiscal year, your employer will send you the P-45, which has the same purpose as the P-60. You will need one of these documents to apply for your tax refund.

Income tax rate and tax refund in the UK

Here a table explaining how tax rate increases in the United Kingdom:


Taxable income

Tax rate

Personal allowance

Up to £11,500


Basic rate

£11,501 to £45,000


Higher rate

£45,001 to £150,000


Additional rate

Over £150,000


If you think you paid more taxes that you were supposed to, you can request a refund to the HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs).
In the United Kingdom, you can claim your tax refund up to 4 years back fromthe current tax year.

That said, if you applied before 5th April 2018, you would claim your taxes back up to 2013/14 fiscal year. Otherwise, the applications sent after that date will go back up to 2014/15.


In the UK you may have access to many tax allowances depending on your marital status or your occupation. But pay attention because some of them are not automatically deducted: you must apply for them! For example, maintenance payments and business expenditures may be deducted in certain cases. In addition, specific kind of professionals have right to special tax regime. This is the case for seafarers that work on ships for at least one year or for doctors, nurses and teachers. UK tax system allows them to claim for special deduction if they fulfill certain conditions.   

The United Kingdom has the longest tax code in the world and could be one of the most complicated if you are not aware of all its shortcuts. Find all you need to know simply contacting who is an expert in this sector: Dendax provided a tax refund to 8,000 taxpayers last year.

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