If you received your 'Potvrzeni o zdanitelných příjmech' from your employer in the Czech Republic, it may be time to refund your taxes back!

Lots of foreigners work nowadays in the Czech Republic and many of them don’t know that it is possible to get back their overpaid taxes. You may be one of them.

Income tax in the Czech Republic 

First of all, we should explain the difference between resident and non-resident taxpayers. You are considered resident if you work in the Czech Republic for more than 183 days; otherwise, you are a non-resident taxpayer and you will pay only taxes on your income earned in the Czech Republic. Please, make sure you will not pay your taxes twice on the same income.

All employees working in the Czech Republic pay 15% income tax on their earnings. Take into account that adding social security contribution and health insurance paid by your employer, your basic taxable income will increase. The good news is that you can have your overpaid taxes back. 

How to apply 

Now that you found out, why don’t claim your overpaid taxes back? The deadline for filing your tax return is at the end of following March (e.g. 30th March 2018 for your 2017 tax return) You can apply 3 years back so you can apply for you 2017 tax refund until end of March 2021.

If you were employed make sure you received your Potvrzeni ( full name: Potvrzeni o zdanitelnych prijmech ze zavisle cinnosti) from all your employers. Potvrzeni is the annual summary which you will receive after the end of the financial tax year. It is a legal obligation for the employer to send it by 15th February. If you don’t have it, the tax office will not accept your application. 

Filing your tax refund could be difficult if you don’t know where to start. If you need a professional consultancy, Dendax can help you. We prepare the tax return and apply tax refund for 8.000 clients per year. 

You can find more information here or you can calculate online for FREE how much money you can get back using our Online calculator. If you don’t have your Potvrzeni, don’t worry, we can obtain it for you from each of your employers in the Czech Republic.