Hurry up to get your Child Benefits from Germany!

Germany announced changes in payments of child benefits for all employees having kids applicable as of January 2018. All applicants who apply for child benefits later than 1st January will receive the benefits only for 6 months back as opposed to current 4 years. For example, if you apply in January 2018 you will receive benefits for your kid(s) from June 2017.

Who can get the child benefits (Kindergeld)? 

Every employee with kid(s) who works in Germany more then 183 days can apply for child benefits. You can apply for every child up to 18 years old or 25 if they are students. The monthly payment depends on a number of kids and it starts at 192 euros per child per month. 

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You can read more about child benefits from Germany (kindergeld), description of related services and prices on our website.