How is to work as a video-games tester? Interview with a master nerd

How many of you have a joystick hand and still remember every ninja turtle move? Well, maybe better forget about the thrilling part: video game creators take testing seriously and a video-games tester is a man of routine as most of us. But still, there’s an amazing volume of gadgets they collect and a warm working environment among their job’s benefits.

The interview with the Master Game-Tester

Here an interview to who was before a trainee plumber and now earning 3k a month in the video games’ industry. Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Tonnaro. He is 37 and been living in Amsterdam for 5 years.

A: Testing is extremely important when launching a video game so what exactly are the responsibilities of a video-game tester?

R: Video game testers find problems. Sometimes testers are assigned to test hardware or software, such as controllers. Testers could also work through various levels of a game like a typical customer, looking for bugs or pointing out observations on how the game looks like. In order to do that, they must test games in various ways, using different approaches. The tester's responsibility is to find and resolve any problem in any aspect of the game.

Most of the common problems might only show up in certain situations. For this reason, the game tester must try the same action in different ways to ensure the proper development in the operations. For example, a tester might enter a scene using different characters with different weapons. Everything is recorded to be analysed later.

A: So Rick, details are important in this job?

R: Yes, at the end of each test we should prepare and send a report which includes sharply detailed descriptions of what happened and when, as well as what other factors might be associated with the issue. This is where good communication skills come in. Only detailed reports could ease coding experts and others to fix the problems testers identify. Not less important, this could be a dull job as everyone else: Entry-level video game testers can be assigned with the most humdrum of hardware testing tasks. But for those who hang on, video game testing can be the first level into an utterly different career such in game development, designing and marketing. More qualified testers have higher salaries, with some making $100 per hour or more. 

How to find a job as game-tester

A: What kind of advice would you recommend to any new trainee?

R: Being able to keep you cool in a frustrating situation is key as every other job.

You also need to be an analytical and thorough person: if someone says something seems to work normally, check it anyway.

If you're enduring and serious about becoming a video game tester, there are several ways to move forward. First to do, try to get in touch with who is already in the industry checking out Linkedin for anything temporary since the temp jobs are usually for new people trying to break in. I started as game-tester working remotely as well, but all in once I was asked to move to Amsterdam because it seemed there was much more to do. From that, my career has been created on a daily base, spending time with my colleagues. My suggestion is to look at what you want to do in the industry now and take steps to get there. Want to be a creative? Make something. Want to be a designer? Make something.

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