E-tax filing is the new tax refund service for those who worked in the USA last year

Dendax has just launched E-tax filing, a new entirely online service which allows you filing your tax return as J1 visa WORK&TRAVEL, AU-PAIRS/CAMPSE-tax filing is a tax refund company dedicated to those who travel and work in the USA with a J1 VISA.Today we had our first review from one of our clients and it is great! Look what she said about us!

E-tax filing

E-tax filing is the tax return filing system specifically thought for non-residents who worked in the USA. It's developed by Dendax, a tax refund company which has worked in the field since 20 years.


The Tax Cut and Jobs Act voted into law in 2018 Introduced several considerable changes for tax refund and tax return regarding the J1 Visa Holders working in the USA under the Work & Travel programme. Tax return filing is now a legal obligation for every person who had any income in the United States.

Our first testimonial

Nadia Daciana, welcome on board! Why did you choose to work in the USA?

I decided to work in the USA for several reasons. First of all, I wanted to improve my English, then comes other explanation like the kind of experience I was expecting: thrilling travelling and getting paid extremely well.

What kind of job did you do?

I worked first as a waitress and bartender, then I moved to Oregon where I spent some weeks as Italian teacher in the primary school.

How did you find these jobs?

I found the jobs through an employment agency which was really helpful at the first. Then, once I got there, I made some friends and decided to find another job through advertising websites.

Was it hard to find accommodation?

I have agreed on accommodation in advance with the employment agency. But lots of people I met there found accommodation through Facebook W&T groups.

Would you recommend working in the USA and why?

Yes, totally. My friends also encouraged me to travel to the United States at least for a summer. I got a unique experience, opportunity to travel and to visit amazing places. Nevertheless, I earned a lot of money so I could live on my own for a long time!

Why did you choose E-Tax filing for your tax refund?

I found out about all the changes in the US tax system thanks to Dendax because I was once in Germany as a babysitter and I used their online service to get a tax refund. Since then, I follow up their FB page and there it was. In October, coming back from the USA I asked them about E-Tax filing. All in once, I filled up my registration through their website and get back my overpaid taxes. That’s simply great!

How E-tax filing works

Dendax is aware that dealing with tax return filing can be overwhelming for expats who don't normally deal with the American tax system. Hence we developed an e-filing system which is easy to understand and to navigate.


Applying is easy, everything is explained in a clear and simple way, and the whole process of the application is supported by a live chat. Also, the fees are the lowest on the market.

E-tax filing lets you send your tax return in 4 simple steps.

Here is a video tutorial which explains thoroughly how to use the service step by step.

Is it necessary to file my Federal tax return?

Yes, it is. Since 2018, all the J1l visa holders who have worked in the USA are obligated to file their federal tax return. Otherwise, it will be impossible to get VISA for visiting the US again in the future and the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, may fine you up to 25.000 dollars.

For further information in this regard, check our article about the implications of not filing the tax return on Dendax's Blog.


Do you want to get in contact with Nadia?

You can find her on Facebook or contact her at nadiadaciana@protonmail.com