Did you receive your Summary of Earnings (SOE) or your final payslip for 2017? It’s time to check if New Zealand owes you a tax refund!

If you were there as a student or with a working holiday visa, hurry up to get your overpaid tax back! New Zealand tax year ended up on the 31st of March. From now until the 7th of July, be ready to apply for your tax refund!

If you are a New Zealand tax resident, you are taxed on your "worldwide income" - that is income from New Zealand as well as from other countries. On the other side, non-residents are subject to New Zealand tax only on income earned in New Zealand. Here you can find more information about New Zealand fiscal system.

You are deemed as a resident in New Zealand if you spend more than 183 days, even not continuously, in a 12-months period. In addition, you must have declared a “permanent place of abode” there.

Usually, your employer will file the necessary documents to declare your income. By the way, especially non-residents taxpayers find out so many errors in their tax returns that they end up appealing to the Authority or to a tax agent.

Look at the following cases and see if you fall in one or more of the categories:

  • Worked for less than one year
  • A self-employed
  • Earned less than 48,000 NZD
  • Had more than one employer during the year

In all of these cases, you may have overpaid your taxes and, in other words, the Inland Revenue owes you a tax refund.

To claim your tax refund you will only need your Summary of Earnings (SOE) or your final payslip. In this document, you will find every information about your last year income, the tax you paid and any expenses you claimed. In case you overpaid your taxes, you will have them back as a tax refund.

The deadline to file your tax return is the 7th of July so be ready! Make sure you receive the largest refund and in the easiest possible way, apply with Dendax!

You can easily check with us if New Zealand owes you a refund!

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