Childcare benefit in Austria: how much money you can get and who is eligible for the Kinderbetreuungsgeld?

Child benefit in Austria is one of the best child allowance in Europe. It can be granted by the State, by the Region and/or by the city you live in. The best thing to do is to find out what are the conditions you must meet to apply.

How does it work? 

If you pay your taxes in Austria for at least 183 days, you are entitled to ask for a child allowance. You can apply for your children, stepchildren, foster children, adopted children, and even grandchildren. In fact, if a grandparent provides the child his or her principal support, or better, they live under the same roof, he or her is also entitled to ask for the child benefit.

In Austria you can apply for child benefit since your child’s date of born until he/she is 18, or 24 if he/she is still doing the military service, or is enrolled in an educational or training program (university, school, etc), or in case he or her is affected by a disability.

In case of unemployment or in case of particular kind of jobs which don’t require a compulsory insurance, you can also apply for another allowance in addition to Kinderbetreuungsgeld, the “flat-rate childcare allowance”. This kind of support includes categories like housekeepers, students or marginal employed who share their household with their children and who have their center of life in Austria.

How much money can you get?

Childcare allowance starts from 111 euros per month. If you apply for the Kinderbetreuungsgeld you can ask back up to 5 years before the date of request. There’s no limit to the number of children you can apply for. The more children you have, the more you get paid!The amount of family allowance varies according to the age of the child.

Family allowance according to the age of the child:

Age of the Child

Monthly Amount

From birth

111.80 euro

3 years and over

119.60 euro

10 years and over

138.80 euro

19 years and over

162 euro

Supplement for a child with a severe disability

152.90 euro

What is the deadline and how much time you will wait after your request? 

Deadline for the application is the end of the year and you can apply up to 5 years back. For example, if you apply before the end of 2018 you will have your child care allowance back from 2013.Generally you receive your child benefit allowance 6 months after the date of request. 

How to request your child benefit? 

The office responsible for child care allowance is the local Finanzamt. In order to file your application, they will need your and your children identification documents, plus your Anmeldebescheinigung, your entitlement to family allowance and others documents. So, be prepared, it will take you a while to get all your documents. 

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We offer you two types of service, depending on how much time you dispose: 

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