Are you a logistic company employing foreign truck drivers? Here is how to get a tax refund for you and for your employees.

Foreign truck drivers often miss the opportunity to claim a the tax refund and the tax deductions they are entitled to, because of the bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the tax offices.Here is what Dendax can do for your company and your truck drivers.

Logistic transport is not a easy field: dealing with the regulatory criteria of the various countries can be very challenging. Due to the requirements of the various tax offices it is also difficult to claim a tax refund for your employees, which leads most of  them to give up on this opportunity.

This is a disadvantage for both sides, since on one hand the truck driver loses the opportunity to take advantage of the tax refund and tax deductions due to him, on the other hand you as company,  by not offering this service to your employees, loses the chance to establish a working relationship based on the satisfaction of both parts..

Dendax offers the opportunity to companies that employ foreign truck drivers to establish a partnership that allows them to provide their employees with this service effortlessly.

Dendax will claim tax refunds and deductions for your truck drivers and will also provide a tax declaration for them. Here are the advantages for you:

  • Get a commission min. 200 EUR for each of your truck drivers who get a tax refund through Dendax

  • Your truck drivers can enjoy this additional service and gain extra money, making them even more happy to collaborate with your company

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Dendax is one of the leading tax refund companies. We work to make life easier for expats around the world.