USA J1 Visa - can you really get more if you file your tax return as resident

Did you join a work and travel program last year and spent the summer in the USA? Are you now preparing your tax return? Make sure you get the highest but also LEGAL refund.

The most frequently used way to get a higher refund is to file the tax return as a resident. Most students on WAT programs are actually hardly ever residents due to the nature of WAT programs. There are even online services or companies filing WAT students as residents, which is not right. The IRS is improving its internal processes and controls and therefore they will, in many cases, find out whether or not the tax payee was a resident or not. Dendax was recently contacted by more than 200 people who filed taxes on their own or by using online services in 2015 or 2016. They all received letters from the IRS requesting them to pay a part of the refund back + interest rate + fee. Typically the students received 300 - 600 USD more by filing as residents but they have to pay 800 - 1600 USD back (including interest and fine) depending on the tax year and how much they received. Do you still feel like filing your tax return as a resident?