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Are you working in Malta? You don’t know how much is your income tax? Check out your tax return and eventually apply for your tax refund!

So you live in Malta, but not just because of the sunny beaches and the astonishing waves? Well, if you are also a worker there, employed or self-employed, we have good news for you!

In Malta, every person who lives and earns a salary, either non-resident or remitting earnings from abroad, must pay an income tax and a social insurance tax. This money is deducted from your employer every month or, in case you work as a freelancer, you ought to pay them at the end of the year. More than likely you may have overpaid your tax, hence here we explain how to refund it!

More often than you expect, your tax return may report some errors due to inaccuracies by your employer or some forgotten tax deduction. In order to avoid it, we suggest recalculating your income tax again. By paying attention to the marital status box or even to the possible expenditures you may forget to include, the likelihood to overpay your taxes and, hence, being entitled to a tax refund is pretty high.

The deadline to fill your tax return for 2018 is the 10th of December. And the good news is that you will have your overpaid tax back!
In Malta, you can apply up to 5 years back from the current tax year. In other words, if you apply for a tax refund before the deadline you will have the overpaid income tax back from 2013.

In case you have doubt about your tax return, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will calculate how much money your refund is in the easiest and fastest way...and yes, it is for FREE!