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Important information for foreigners working in the Netherlands

Do you want to spend some time working abroad in a country of cheese and tulips? In that case we prepared for you an article with important information about the work in the Netherlands:

Favourite jobs
The favourite ones include work in hospitality, gastronomy and also on a tulip field. It is better to have at least small knowledge of Dutch, but with the medium knowledge of English you will be OK.

Where to find a job?
There are plenty of websites that offer jobs in the Netherlands. We prepared for you a short list of the best ones:
Taxes, Health & Social Insurance
Minimum wage is 1 317 €/month. To work legal in the Netherlands you will need BSN - Burger Service Nummer that is easy to get at every Dutch Tax office. Then you will pay:
  • Health Insurance in the height of 1 100 €/year
  • Income Tax and Social Insurance depending on the height of your income (34,2 - 52 %)

Tax refund
During your working stay you’ll have to pay taxes. Therefore do not hesitate and after your arrival apply for tax refund with the document “Jaaropgaaf” and get on average 2 106 euro! For more information visit our website