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Everyone who worked in Germany and received Lohnsteuerbescheinigung can apply for tax refund!

During your working stay in Germany you have one important obligation - paying taxes. Do not worry about that because you have several options - you can apply for tax refund and also for child benefit, if you have children.

When do I receive the Lohnsteuerbescheinigung?
You will receive this document after the end of tax year (31. December). But first, the document needs to be processed by your German employer - so you can expect it at the turn of January and February.

Do I need any other document?
You will also need EWR form. You will receive it from us and then we need you to confirm it by your local tax office.

What amount can I expect?
On average you can expect 1380 euro but it depends on case. You can find out your amount for free by using our online calculator at