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How is to work as a video-games tester? Interview with a master nerd

How many of you have a joystick hand and still remember every ninja turtle move? Well, maybe better forget about the thrilling part: video game creators take testing seriously and a video-games tester is a man of routine as most of us. But still, there’s an amazing volume of gadgets they collect and a warm working environment among their job’s benefits. Read article

World Tax Treaties: how to prevent double taxation

A tax treaty is a bilateral agreement made by two countries to resolve problems involving double taxation of passive and active income. Tax treaties generally set the amount of tax that a country can apply to a taxpayer's income, capital, estate, and wealth, on individuals and corporates. Read article

US Jobs Act 2018: the implications for J1 Visa holders

The new Tax Cut and Jobs Act voted into law by President Donald Trump’s administration Introduced several major changes for tax refund and tax return regarding the J1 Visa Holders working in the USA under the Work & Travel programme. In our previous article you can find any information regarding the new rules to apply for tax refund; here we’ll explain how the new law affects the tax return for nonresident aliens: why it is a legal obligation, who has to file the tax return and how. Read article

Profession? Smeller. Here 3 bizarre jobs found on a tax return

Tired to be woken up by that morning alarm buzzing in your ears? Want to change this stinking job you have? Maybe you will change your opinion, maybe you’ll pack your suitcase once you read about these strange jobs around the world! Read article

Tax classes (Steuerklasse) in Germany

It’s time to check your tax class in Germany: yes, you can change it and, of course, you can apply for a refund Read article

What is the Zorgtoeslag? What is the Algemene heffingskorting? Dear expats in the Netherlands, here we explain you how to calculate and apply!

Zorgtoeslag is an allowance; Algemene heffingskorting is a tax credit. Let’s see what they are for and how to apply! Read article

Looking for a job in Austria? Don’t forget your Lohnzettel in order to have your income tax back!

Austria hosts about more than one million of foreigners working in various sectors. As the economy changes, the job demand differs as well, but still, tourism sector is the most requested area in order to find an easy and seasonal job. Quite a lot, unfortunately, don’t know anything about income tax and tax refund. So what to do if you want to work in Austria and comply with the Austrian regulations? Read article

US Jobs Act 2018: how it affects taxes for J1 Visa W&T students.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a new tax bill voted into law in the United States.Here is how it affects J1 Visa students working and travelling in the USA in 2018. Read article

Are you working in Malta? You don’t know how much is your income tax? Check out your tax return and eventually apply for your tax refund!

So you live in Malta, but not just because of the sunny beaches and the astonishing waves? Well, if you are also a worker there, employed or self-employed, we have good news for you! Read article

How is it to work on a ship in Italy? We found out what the best cruise ships are, how to apply for a job on board and how to refund your tax!

Nowadays there are many jobs that can be done on cruise ships or cargo ships. You could cover different types of job, ranging from bars to sales, restaurants, entertainment, fitness, and many others. Instead workers on cargo ships are employed in the boarding operations, security, travel, storage and others. Read article

Maternity, paternity and parental leave? Here a focus on 7 European countries, their family policies and child support.

How do family policies change through Europe? Who is entitled to them and for how long? Find out which countries are the best parental leave payers. Here we compare Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Belgium and Norway in a comprehensive overview of what local rules are and how they differ in our elderly dear Europe. Read article

Oh Spain, how did your tax return come to be so confusing? Well, these few lines give an answer to eventual doubts about your Declaration de Renta, including how to apply for a tax refund!

Lots are moving to Spain for a year or two to work and travel, enjoying the country. But what happens when it’s time for a tax return? Here some helpful tips about Spanish fiscal system! Read article

How much tax will you pay in Norway for 2017? Find out how fiscal system works and how you can get a tax refund!

Most of those who work or study in Norway omit to claim their deductions to the Norwegian tax administration. Keep your eyes on your Selvangivelse form before it is too late! Here are some tips for you, dear expat! Read article

Did you receive your Summary of Earnings (SOE) or your final payslip for 2017? It’s time to check if New Zealand owes you a tax refund!

If you were there as a student or with a working holiday visa, hurry up to get your overpaid tax back! New Zealand tax year ended up on the 31st of March. From now until the 7th of July, be ready to apply for your tax refund! Read article

Which tax band did Ireland assign to you? And what tax credit are you allowed for? Check them before you claim your tax refund for the financial year, 2017!

Every employee has already received his PAYE-P60 for 2017. In this document, you will find the summary of your earnings and the tax you paid last year. Unfortunately, many expats forget to claim their allowances before they apply for a tax refund. Find out what allowance you are entitled to and how you can apply for it! Read article

P-60, P-45 and tax reliefs: be prepared to file your tax return and apply for your tax refund in the UK!

The tax year in the UK is finished on 5th April 2018. Starting from this date, you will receive your P60, a document that resumes your British income. It also lists the amount of tax your employer deducted from your salary for the whole tax year. Read article

How to get your taxes back in Canada

In Canada fiscal year ends up at the end of December (01/01-31/12).The deadline for file your tax return, and so your tax refund, is before April 30. Read article

Potvrdenie or Ročné zúčtovanie? How to calculate your overpaid Slovak taxes and have them back?

Every year many expats don’t apply for their tax refund as they simply don’t know it is possible! Here we explain how to refund your taxes. Read article

Tax refund, Kinderbijslag and Zorgtoeslag in the Netherlands: What are they? How can foreigners apply for these benefits?

Here you can find easy guidelines about allowances and rights in the Netherlands for those who works there for a limited period or just arrived. Read article

2018 tax reform in Luxembourg: pay attention to your tax class and your residency status!

Your tax return and your tax refund may change.
Last year Luxembourg modified fiscal law bringing in many adjustments; primarily rising the ceiling applicable for certain deduction and adding new deductibles. Rules for non-resident married couples were changed as well.

But how may Luxembourg fiscal reform affect your next tax return? What are the relating implications your tax refund claim? Read article

If you received your 'Potvrzeni o zdanitelných příjmech' from your employer in the Czech Republic, it may be time to refund your taxes back!

Lots of foreigners work nowadays in the Czech Republic and many of them don’t know that it is possible to get back their overpaid taxes. You may be one of them. Read article

Worked in Belgium? Find out how you can refund your overpaid taxes and apply for your child benefit!

Foreigners that work and pay taxes in Belgium are entitled to a certain allowance, as well as they can be entitled to apply for a tax refund. Read article

What is a Lohnsteuerbescheinigung? When will you receive it?

For those who work in Germany, every fiscal year ends up with your LBS. Moreover, every employer is legally obliged to issue it to every employee. Read article

Childcare benefit in Austria: how much money you can get and who is eligible for the Kinderbetreuungsgeld?

Child benefit in Austria is one of the best child allowance in Europe. It can be granted by the State, by the Region and/or by the city you live in. The best thing to do is to find out what are the conditions you must meet to apply. Read article

Sofi, BSN and DigiD: how social services work in the Netherlands?

What is a Sufinummer, a Burgerservicenummer and a DigiD? Those who work in the Netherlands still can have some doubts about them. Here we explain what they are for and how you can apply for them Read article