Worked in Belgium? Find out how you can refund your overpaid taxes and apply for your child benefit!

Foreigners that work and pay taxes in Belgium are entitled to a certain allowance, as well as they can be entitled to apply for a tax refund. Read article

What is a Lohnsteuerbescheinigung? When will you receive it?

For those who work in Germany, every fiscal year ends up with your LBS. Moreover, every employer is legally obliged to issue it to every employee. Read article

Childcare benefit in Austria: how much money you can get and who is eligible for the Kinderbetreuungsgeld?

Child benefit in Austria is one of the best child allowance in Europe. It can be granted by the State, by the Region and/or by the city you live in. The best thing to do is to find out what are the conditions you must meet to apply. Read article

Sofi, BSN and DigiD: how social services work in the Netherlands?

What is a Sufinummer, a Burgerservicenummer and a DigiD? Those who work in the Netherlands still can have some doubts about them. Here we explain what they are for and how you can apply for them.

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W-2 for those who had a J1: here's all you want to know about it (once you get back from the USA)

Every year a huge number of students askfor a permit to go to the USA. Most of them opt for a J1 visa. Last year forexample about 90.000 were accepted to work in USA with a J1.

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Hurry up to get your Child Benefits from Germany!

Germany announced changes in payments of child benefits for all employees having kids applicable as of January 2018. All applicants who apply for child benefits later than 1st January will receive the benefits only for 6 months back as opposed to current 4 years. For example, if you apply in January 2018 you will receive benefits for your kid(s) from June 2017.

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Did you work in the UK? Make sure you get your P60

P60 is a document you need to get your overpaid taxes back. You might also need a P60 to file a tax return in your home country (in case you are from outside of the UK). Read article

Package deal - 2 tax returns for lower price

Did you work abroad and do you want to use Dendax to get your overpaid taxes back? If yes, we can now prepare also your local tax return for lower price or for free. Read article

USA J1 Visa - can you really get more if you file your tax return as resident

Did you join a work and travel program last year and spent the summer in the USA? Are you now preparing your tax return? Make sure you get the highest but also LEGAL refund. Read article